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Why You Should Book a Limo to a Detroit Pistons Game


Book a Limo to a Detroit Pistons GameThe Detroit Pistons have had a respectable year so far and are in the hunt for the Larry O’Brien trophy. They tear up and down the court and create a truly exciting atmosphere at the Palace. Seeing the game live is much more exciting than watching it on TV or on SportsCenter the morning after. If you want real excitement, then heading down to the Palace of Auburn Hills is the best way to find some.

When you’re planning your trip to see the Pistons in action, you should consider heading there in style in a Metro Detroit limo. The limo experience will double the fun you’ll be having at the game, and here are a few reasons why.

Pick Up Whenever You Want

If you drive out to the Palace, you have to compete with traffic and parking. We all know that the parking situation can be a little crazy down there, and the traffic is always fairly slow. If you choose to drive you and your friends out to the game, you’ll have to leave pretty early to make it for tip-off. Leaving can be a bit of a nightmare as well.

With a Metro Detroit limo service, you have the power to be picked up when you want to be. Sure, you may have to leave a bit early, but you won’t have to worry about parking the car once you arrive. Just hop out and head inside. You’ll also be able to head wherever you want after the game’s finished, which gives you plenty of opportunity to head downtown.

No Risk of Driving Drunk

Sporting events usually mean a couple of beverages will be consumed. NBA, NHL, NFL…it doesn’t matter the sport, this is a common occurrence. If you choose to book a Metro Detroit limo, you have the opportunity to enjoy a pre-game drink on the way to the arena. This will cut down on the food and beverage costs you’ll see when you get inside.

With that in mind, driving under the influence is also a common occurrence. This is a completely avoidable incident. Booking a Metro Detroit limo will help keep you from attempting to drive home after a cocktail or two. It’s not worth the risk, and especially not after a Pistons victory. Safely take the ride home to your front door.

Impress Your Friends

If you’ve been heading to Pistons games for years with the same group of people, it might be time to really impress them. A Metro Detroit limo is a great way to head to the game in style for someone’s birthday, anniversary, or even a friend-iversary! No matter the occasion, these limos are the perfect vehicle to demonstrate just how special you and your friends really are today.

Book a Limo to a Detroit Pistons Game

If you’re planning on heading to a Pistons game in the near future, why not get there in a Metro Detroit limo? Call Rochester Limousine today to make your booking. You won’t be disappointed.

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