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Why You Need a Metro Detroit Limousine Service For Your Next Detroit Sporting Event


Make your next sporting event even more fun by hiring a limousine service for tailgating before the game and after-party fun following to keep the festivities going. A sporting event is an exciting experience, whether you’re anticipating an intense rivalry or celebrating a friend’s birthday, sporting events bring people together for great food, drink, and laughs.

Here are a few great reasons to hire a Metro Detroit limousine for your next Detroit sporting event:


The period before the game is often the most fun part of a sporting event. Good food and beer are two of the main reasons why friends gather before a big game to socialize and get each other pumped. Although, when the weather is bad, it makes it harder to enjoy this time, and a limousine can provide all of the pre-game festivities, while staying warm and dry. Many sport fans end up paying big bucks for a Sky Box seat to avoid harsh weather conditions, while a limousine can be much more cost-effective and can accommodate your entire group. Limousines are spacious enough to allow your friends to enjoy the usual eating, drinking and lounging that you’d normally do outside.

Cost Effective.

A limousine is large enough to fit all of your friends and fellow sport fans, and can save everyone on gas and parking fees by chipping in to share the limo. Everyone can initially meet at one person’s house, and ride together into the parking lot to tailgate. You will all be comfortable and kept warm or cool depending on the weather, and have plenty of room to spread out the potluck dishes, with various built-in bars and tables. A limousine can also come in handy by allowing everyone to celebrate without inhibition, eliminating the need for a “designated driver.”

Amenity Packages.

Other major benefits to hiring a limousine for your next sporting event, are the extra amenities that you wouldn’t get by using your own vehicle. These can include food and beverages already selected and waiting for you, which are included in the booking price. No one will have to worry about stopping and wasting time getting the food and refreshments. Another benefit to using a limousine is that you are not charged for the time spent sitting inside the stadium, so you can take a break whenever you wish during the game to relax in the limo, or continue the partying long after the game has ended.

Many people associate limousines with high prices, high fees, and weddings, however, many of those people don’t realize the many benefits to hiring a limousine at such special events as a sporting game. Limousine services can actually be a smart, cost-effective, and incredibly convenient option for all of your friends to enjoy at your next sporting event. Look into your local limousine companies to check out prices, available amenities, and whether or not they provide special VIP perks by booking through them.

Why You Need a Metro Detroit Limousine Service For Your Next Detroit Sporting Event

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