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Troy Party Bus Rental Will Make Your Bachelor Party More Memorable

By August 9, 2016September 2nd, 2016Party Bus Rental

Troy Party Bus Rental

A bachelor party is a must for any groom-to-be. It’s a chance to celebrate the groom’s engagement and wish him the best for his future. Renting a party bus will give the best man and anyone else involved with setting up the ultimate bachelor party the opportunity to create some great memories. Make this night one you will never forget. With all the great amenities and entertainment options, you can guarantee that choosing a party bus from a reliable limo service will make a bachelor party spectacular. Here are five ways you can make the most unforgettable party happen:

1. Plan for a Big Party

A luxury party bus can hold up to 32 people. If the groom has quite a few friends in their inner circle and others that want to celebrate his upcoming wedding, you have the chance to bring them all together. The best part about setting up such a large party to travel in a party bus is that no one will feel crowded. The seats are spacious, the windows allow everyone to have a great view, and in some buses, the seats are retractable.

2. Get Ready to Blast Some Beats

Do you know the groom’s favorite party songs? Are there certain songs that really get him hyped? Look forward to blasting them through the party bus’s full surround sound system. The high-quality audio emitting from the speakers will resonate throughout the bus and it’s easy enough to get the music started by plugging in your phone. If you’re having technical malfunctions, some buses have an audio package that allows you to play Pandora radio.

3. Hang Back with a Few Drinks

If you want to make sure the groom and the other guests loosen up a bit before you get to your destination, you’ll be happy to know the party buses have a variety of wet bars with the glassware included. Everyone can indulge since the experienced chauffeur will be taking care of the driving.

4. Make the Party Bus into a Travelling Night Club

Do you have a few guests that need to burn off some energy? Blast that music and get the strobe lights going so everyone can get moving on the custom wood flooring. Perhaps you have a special guest making an appearance for the groom; the party buses include dancing poles as well.

5. Use The Plasma TVs for Movies or Gaming

If your bachelor party destination isn’t right around the corner, you can kill some time by watching one of the groom’s favorite movies or blow off steam by hooking up your favorite gaming console to the HDMI outlets of the TVs. Just because the group has a long drive ahead of them doesn’t mean the momentum of the party has to slow down at all, so keep it going.

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The right party bus can bring the best out of a bachelor party. To reserve a Troy party bus to make for the most unforgettable bachelor party, contact Rochester Limousine today.

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