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Travel Downtown Detroit with Chesterfield Twp Limo Service

By January 22, 2017February 11th, 2020Detroit Limo Service

For many of us here in Metro Detroit, winter usually means a long few months with a lot of movie nights and lazy days inside. With the weather being colder and snow sometimes keeping us off the roads, it can be easy to make excuses for not venturing too much out of the house. While these are valid reasons to stay inside when it’s nasty outside, the nice winter days call for venturing into Detroit and seeing all it has to offer.

Downtown Detroit is regaining its reputation as one of the top cities in the country for entertainment. With all the progress being made in terms of safety, this winter may be the best time to reacquaint yourself with our wonderful city. To make your experience in downtown Detroit even better, why not treat yourself like the star of the city? Renting out your own limousine to bring you into the city for the evening is a great way to enjoy an unforgettable night out while letting someone else take care of the transportation details. If you haven’t considered taking a limousine into the city before or aren’t sure where to start, here are some events going on this winter that would be great to take a limousine to.

1. Talib Kweli at Saint Andrews Hall

On Saturday, February 4th at 8:30 pm, Talib Kweli will be rocking the stage at Saint Andrews Hall. If you want to show up for the show in style, a personal limousine is the easiest way to do so! With your own limo for the night, you’ll be dropped off right in front of the venue and picked up when the show is over. With door-to-door service, people may think you’re the one performing!

2. The Dirty Heads at The Fillmore

If you want to see more of a laid back show, The Dirty Heads will be playing at The Fillmore on Friday, February 10th at 7:00 pm. If you are to get your own limousine for the night, you’ll be able to get a head start on the party with some drinks in the back of the limo on your way into the city. Make sure to load up your phone or iPod with your favorite Dirty Heads songs to play while you’re on your way to the show!

3. Motor City Laugh-A-Thon at the Fisher Theatre

Instead of seeing some music in the city, why not have a few laughs instead? The Motor City Laugh-A-Thon will be at the Fisher Theatre on Friday, February 10th at 7:30 pm. Having your own limo for the night means you won’t have to worry about navigating through downtown and finding parking, which we all know can cause less laughter and more anger. If this will be your first time in the city in a while, a chauffeur can be the easiest way to find your bearings before the show starts!

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