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Rent a Party Bus for Your Sweet 16

By September 30, 2019February 11th, 2020Party Bus Rental

As a parent, you want you child to have the best and be the happiest, especially when it comes to their birthdays. So why not rent a party bus for their momentous Sweet 16? At Rochester Limousine, we offer party buses designed to facilitate the absolute best experiences for passengers of all ages, and safety is always our number one priority!

We Offer The Most In Comfort

If you’re going all out already, making sure you choose the most comfortable and spacious luxury party bus possible is all part of the deal. Our largest party bus at Rochester Limousine, for instance, is our Grech 47 Passenger Land Yacht. It offers an enormous amount of space with ultra cushy custom limo seating with armrests that feature cup holders and 110/USB outlets, and Altro faux wood flooring. Plus, it also has a roof mounted HVAC system to ensure everyone’s ideal comfort even when the party starts to heat up, as well as interior and exterior LED lighting to keep the mood right – which reflects perfectly off the custom stainless ceiling, that also has built accent lighting of its own. As the party winds down, everyone will love the sensational views of the city from the magnificent frameless panoramic windows!

We Offer The Most In Entertainment

Since it’s a birthday party, having the best entertainment is kind of the point. Luckily, our Grech Land Yacht also comes in first in terms of entertainment as well. Just a few of the many systems and features it includes are an electric plug entry door, a 48” LED TV with a DVD player and HDMI connectivity in the back, a 32” TV with HDMI connectivity in the front, a premium audio system & package with touch screen Bluetooth/Pandora/iPod connectivity, state-of-the-art speakers/amplifiers/subwoofers/head units, and more! Best of all, even if you’re looking for something cozier, most of our other party buses offer the same/similar amenities, so you’re never missing out on the best in entertainment no matter which party bus you pick!

We Offer The Most In Safety

From providing retractable seat belts, to making sure our drivers are methodically trained, we do everything we can to ensure our party buses are always as road ready as possible. In fact, we’re even know for offering the newest and hottest fleet in Metro Detroit, which means in terms of design safety features and overall reliability, you can always count on our party buses to come out on top. And that’s what matters most to you as a parent anyway, right? Ensuring your child’s safety as they try to party their faces off without any regard for their own wellbeing?

So please, give your child what they really want without denying yourself the pleasure of knowing you’re in control, keeping them safe, each and every moment. Everyone will be satisfied, and all you’ve got to do is choose Rochester Limousine!

If you are in the Metro Detroit area and are trying to decide wedding party bus or wedding limousine, then please contact us today by calling 248.289.6665 or by filling out the request a quote form.

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