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Metro Detroit Limo Service Testimonial


“I can’t even put into words how amazing this company is.

My brother in law was getting married on May 9th and had reserved a limo from express limo. When we arrived at the hall to be picked up the limo had exhaust all around in which we eventually found out was also making its way through the speakers into the cab area where we sat.

We also had no power or air in the cap area. Needless to say this vehicle was not going to work for the wedding which was only 4 hours away. While we were starving for oxygen in the pile of junk that picked us up we were on the phone attempting to find a solution to our problem. I have no experience with other services myself but our wedding was in the Rochester area and when I searched for a company around there I came across Rochester Limousine. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! This was the best phone call I have ever made!

Amy answered my call and in a panic I tried explaining what was going on but basically I said I need a limo for at least 10 people in Oxford in 1 hour. She said let me call you back but I should be able to help you. She called me back while I was still in the other companies vehicle and said she got ahold of her driver and he is going to meet her on I-75 to come pick us up and should be there close to our 1 hour request. I was more then happy that they could accommodate us on such short notice and understood the situation we were in.

To top all that off the vehicle from Rochester Limousine arrived within 45 minutes!!! This also was not just a limo for 10 but a party bus for 20+ stocked with new bags of ice and Champagne glasses!!!! Our jaws dropped when we saw this vehicle approaching from the upstairs window where we were all getting dressed. This was the nicest bus/limo I have ever seen. To be honest we were almost more excited to have touch screen climate control then anything else because we had no air in the other vehicle and it was a hot day.

I can’t say enough about the service of the company, the driver (Tom) and Amy of course who saved the day. This was a once in a lifetime event for my brother and his new bride who are madly in love and we almost had a terrible day but this is swiftly changed because of Rochester Limousine. I would give them a 10 star rating if I could and highly recommend them to everyone. The vehicle was like new and the driver said all there vehicles are in just as good a shape as the one we got. I would not question photos of vehicles from this company or worry about what type of service you will get these guys are legit.”

Brian Z – Metro Detroit

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