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Hire a Detroit Limo Rental Service for these 3 Exciting Sporting Events in November


Sporting events are a fun way to bring family and friends together, especially when you leave the TV at home and head out to a live game; But getting to a game can sometimes be a challenge. If you choose a Detroit limo rental, much of that guesswork is taken completely off the table. Here are 3 Metro Detroit events coming up in November you should attend with your loved ones.

  1. Detroit Limo Rental to the Red WingsRedwings Vs. Oilers. The Redwings have an uphill battle ahead of them this season. However, with the right people in place, and a new coach at the helm, they are sure to make some noise in the eastern conference. You and your friends will want to head to the Joe Louis on November 27th to see the Red Wings face-off against the Edmonton Oilers. You’ll want to see Edmonton’s newest addition, Connor McDavid, as he starts what is hoping to be a long, illustrious career. When you’re planning your trip to the rink, consider a Detroit limo rental to get you there and back. After all, it’s a Friday night game and the weekend will be calling. Start your night off right with a limo ride and a hockey game!
  2. Detroit Limo Rental to LionsLions Vs. Eagles on Thanksgiving Thursday. The turkey, ham, potatoes, stuffing, grandma’s gravy and your aunt’s apple pie are all staples of your Thanksgiving traditions. The other Thanksgiving tradition you have is catching the Lions game on your day off from work. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see that game in person? Since it will be Thanksgiving, the traffic will be ridiculous and the parking will be very limited. That’s why you should hire a Detroit limo rental for the day. You’ll be able to cruise through traffic to the front gates, and won’t have to worry about leaving your car there if you decide to have a beer or two during the game. Don’t miss the Lions taking on the Eagles this Thanksgiving. After the Lions win, ride back to wherever you want to go to celebrate.
  3. Detroit Limo Rental to the PistonsPistons Vs. Cavaliers. This November, the Palace of Auburn Hills will be rocking when the Cavaliers come to town. LeBron James is coming to Detroit for their first game of the season versus the Pistons, and it’s sure to be a great spectacle. When going to see a basketball game with this high a calibre, you’ll want to get there in style. A Detroit limo rental is just the way to do it. You’ll no doubt be turning a few heads when you get to the front gate in your own personal limo. You and your date or friends can then proceed to the game and watch the Pistons and Cavaliers square off. What a great way to unwind during the week!

A Detroit limo rental service is a great option if you’re looking to attend these or any event in Metro Detroit. These games are sure to be amazing, and with a Detroit limo rental, they can be memories for a lifetime.

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