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4 Reasons To Hire A Detroit Limo This Christmas

By November 23, 2015February 11th, 2020Detroit Limo Service

There’s a chill in the air, carolers can be heard down the street, and there are twinkling lights hung on every house. You and your spouse are planning a grand evening on the town, and you want to make it special. Your tickets to the Detroit Symphony are ready, and your reservations have been made. Perhaps tonight’s the night you leave your car at home. Why not rent a Detroit limo for the evening? Here are 4 reasons why this is a good idea:

  1. It’s Stylish.

Whenever a limo pulls up to any kind of gathering, all heads turn to see who will be getting out. This is the kind of attention that a limo demands. Whether or not you are prepared to receive it, you will get that “movie star” feeling of walking up the red carpet. Renting a Detroit limo gives you a level of star power that you and your spouse won’t soon forget.

  1. No Parking Hassle.

The number one issue with going to events during the holidays is, and will always be, parking. Sometimes people get lucky and find a metered spot within a slight walking distance. This is clearly an early Christmas present. However, for the majority of us, we are relegated to a massive parking lot or a series of side streets blocks and minutes away from the venue. With a limo, you have the luxury of being dropped off right at the front entrance of your event.

  1. A Warm Car Awaits.

Coupled with the parking hassle is the unavoidable aspect to Detroit winters: the biting cold. The lake effect temperatures can dip pretty deep and the wind refuses to help warm anyone up. Thus, on the trip to the venue you freeze a little, and on the way back you freeze twice as much. Once for the walk over and once when you get into your ice block of a vehicle. If you hire a limo service to drive you around, you can rest assured that the car will be kept at a temperature that will keep you and your spouse warm as can be for the duration of your ride, and a toasty car will be waiting for your return.

  1. It’s Safe.

Over the course of your evening, you and your spouse may have an urge to celebrate the season with a glass of champagne or perhaps a nice bottle of wine. If you were to drive to the venue that evening, you run a high risk of being pulled over and potentially losing your license. There are many more police officers out during the holidays than during the rest of the year. A Detroit limo allows you to have a few drinks and arrive safely to your destination, without worrying about the consequences you could face if you had chosen to drive yourself.

Hiring a Detroit limo may seem like an extravagance on paper, but the experience you have during the ride and throughout the entire evening is well worth every penny. Book your ride today and get ahead of the holiday rush.

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