Important Questions to Ask Prom Limo Rental Companies in Macomb County

Important Questions to Ask Prom Limo Rental Companies in Macomb County

The time of year for prom is coming up in Macomb County,  Michigan and it is essential that parents and teens go with a legitimate and appropriate limousine and partybus rental company. At Rochester Limousine, LLC we pride ourselves on giving you safe and reliable limousine and partybus transportation for prom in Macomb County.

The following checklist is a set of questions that are key to research before a final decision is made in hiring a prom limousine or partybus company. Using this list as a guide will help ensure that your prom night will be a blissfully unforgettable occasion.

1) Is the inexpensive limousine comapny a better choice?

Remember, that cheaper is not always the best selection. The classic saying “You get what you pay for” very much stands true in the limousine rental industry. This relates to the next question to ask.

2) Can I pay a visit to the limousine company to see the vehicles?

If a company is established and professional they will invite you to check out their showroom and view their selection of limousines. Some Macomb County limo companies may be deceiving so be sure to call them and schedule an appointment to view their fleet of limousines. If they show resistance more than one occasion, then consider that they are not what they allege to be on their website.

3) How much time has the limo company been in business?

This is extremely important to ask because a limousine company established in Macomb County for a number of years is most likely dependable and will supply a better service than a company that has only been around a few short years or even just a few months.

4) Is the limo service fully insured, certified and licensed?

Some companies are out there that aren’t fully insured, nor do they possess a license to operate. Strong insurance coverage is critical for customers in the case there is an accident. A solid, dependable limo operator can give this info to you if asked. In most cases, these certificates are posted on their office walls.

5) Are their chauffeurs fully qualified?

All reputable limo companies demand that every single driver to be fully licensed to be able to operate their vehicles. Limo companies that follow the Michigan Department of Transportation regulations will frequently screen and drug test all chauffeurs.

6) Do they sub-rent limousines and partybuses from other companies?

This is also a extremely important question to ask! Many limo companies will broker prom limos and partybuses with other companies without the knowledge of the client. Which means that the Macomb County limo company you reserved with will actually send another company’s limousine to your doorstep! The prom limousine that you reserved is not what stands before you! It is a vehicle from a completely different organization and you have no idea of this place, their vehicle’s reliability or their chauffeurs’ certification.

7) Do I need a contract?

Yes, you do! The limo company should supply you with a contract that will go over the following important information:

A. Names of all passengers.

B. Date and time of pick up.

C. Pick up and drop off locations.

D. Cost of limousine rental and gratuity .

E. Type of limo rental(color, model, size)

F. Amount of hours included in the rental price.

G. Cancellation procedures

H. Any extra fees that can incur.

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Important Questions to Ask Prom Limo Rental Companies in Macomb County

Using this guide will allow you to get familiar with the Macomb County limo provider that you decide to contract with. By asking these questions, your prom night will be an extraordinarily memorable event. If you are interested in renting a prom limo in the Macomb County area, call Rochester Limousine today at: 248.289.6665

Important Questions to Ask Prom Limo Rental Companies in Macomb County