Important Questions to Ask Prom Limo Rental Companies in Berkley, MI

Important Questions to Ask Prom Limo Rental Companies in Berkley, MI

Prom season is quickly coming up in Southeastern Michigan and it is key that parents and teenagers choose a reliable and suitable limo and partybus rental company. At Rochester Limousine, LLC we take pride in giving you secure and trusted limo and partybus vehicles for prom formals in Berkley, and throughout Oakland County, Michigan

The following info is a group of questions that are crucial to assess prior to making a decision in hiring a limousine or partybus service in Berkley, MI. Using this information as a guide will help make sure that your prom experience will be a blissfully memorable occasion.

1) Is the lower priced limo service a better choice?

Remember, that a cheaper price is not automatically the best selection. The old expression “You get what you pay for” without doubt stands true in the limo service industry. This relates to the next important question to ask.

2) Can I stop by the limousine company to check out the limos?

If a Berkley prom limo company is well-known and professional they will invite people to visit their showroom and view their selection of vehicles. Some companies will be deceptive so be certain to get in touch with them and make an appointment to see their fleet of limousines. If they show hesitance more than one time, then assume that they are not what they state to be on their website.

3) How much time has the limo company been in business?

This is critical to find out because a prom limo rental company established for years and years is more than likely dependable and will supply a better service than a company that has been around a couple short years or even just a few months.

4) Is the company fully insured, certified and licensed?

Some Berkley limo companies do exist that aren’t fully insured, nor do they possess a license to operate. Strong insurance coverage is essential for customers in case there is an accident. A strong, respected limo operator can supply this info to you if asked. Usually, these certificates are put up on their office walls.

5) Are their chauffeurs fully qualified?

All reputable prom limousine companies demand that each and every limo driver to be fully licensed to be able to operate their vehicles. Companies that follow the Michigan Department of Transportation regulations will routinely screen and drug test all limo drivers. Discovering this information will allow you to truly feel safe and sound.

6) Do they sub-rent limos and partybuses from other limo companies?

This is also a very important question to ask! Many companies will broker limos and partybuses with other companies without the knowledge of the end client. Which means the company you reserved with will drive another company’s limousine to your doorstep! The prom limousine that you reserved is not what you will be riding in! It is a vehicle from a entirely different business and you have no familiarity with this place, their vehicle’s dependability or their chauffeurs’ certification.

7) Do I need a contract?

Yes, you do! The prom limo company should present you with a contract that will cover the following important information:

A. Names of those traveling.

B. Date and time of service.

C. Pick up and drop off locations.

D. Cost of limo rental and gratuity percent.

E. Type of limo rental(color, model, size)

F. Amount of hours included in the cost.

G. Cancellation policies

H. Any extra charges that may incur.

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Important Questions to Ask Prom Limo Rental Companies in Berkley, MI

Using this guide will enable you to get familiar with the prom limousine provider that you choose to contract with. By asking these questions, your prom will be an extraordinarily unforgettable event.

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