An SUV or Sedan: Your Very Own Date Night Chauffeur

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SUV & Sedan Rental - Detroit Limo ServiceWhether it’s to celebrate a milestone in you or your loved one’s life or just to celebrate the end of another long work week, date night in Detroit is always a great idea. Heading to downtown Detroit for a night of dinner, drinks, and dancing can allow you to get to know this great city better while also spending quality time with those you love. In theory, date night always sounds great but it can be a little bit more difficult to actually get the ball rolling.

Getting your own town car for the night can make things a whole lot easier as you won’t have to worry about getting yourself from place to place for the evening. Without worrying about the transportation details, you’ll be able to focus on spending more quality time with your date and deciding on where to go next! Having your own town car for the night keeps you from having to settle for another average riding experience with a ride sharing app and prevents you from having to hail a cab who will end up charging you whatever they feel like! If you are having trouble deciding where to go for your date night, here are just a few of the many awesome spots downtown!


Roast is an upscale steakhouse located inside the Westin hotel. With a more classic steakhouse menu, this spot would be great for any meat and wine lover. Roast also has a modern, classic interior to make sure you feel like you really are out for a night on the town. With your very own town car rented out for the night, you will feel like the star of the night with door-to-door service from your house right to the restaurant!

Dime Store Detroit

If you are looking to start your date outing off a little bit earlier, the Dime Store may be the best option for you. With an amazing brunch menu, this place would be a great start to any day out on the town! Enjoy some mimosas to lighten the mood for the day as you wait for your delicious breakfast! To make your city exploration a bit easier, your driver will be waiting right outside once you are finished and ready to head out to the next location!

Andiamo Detroit

While you may have heard of Andiamos, Detroit Riverfront before, you haven’t experienced it like this. Located right on the Detroit river, you will have the opportunity to dine as you over look the river and look into the Canadian skyline. Featuring classic Italian dishes and wine, this makes for a more classic date night experience. If you are ready to head home after your perfect Italian meal, your car will be ready to take you there. Simply head outside and off you go back to your home! You won’t have to worry about missing out on enjoying a nice glass of wine or a cocktail at dinner because the driver will be taking the reigns.

To Reserve Your SUV or Sedan Rental for Your Next Date Night in Detroit

These are just a few options when it comes to heading out on the town in Detroit.  To learn more about getting your own town car for date night, contact Rochester Limousine — Detroit’s choice for limo, SUV and sedan rentals today!

How Renting a Metro Detroit Party Bus or Limo Can Spice Up Your Next Party

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 Metro Detroit Party Bus or Limo RentalAre you worried you won’t be able to top your last party? Are you looking for something new and tasteful for your next endeavor? Look no further than renting a Metro Detroit limousine! Experience the comfort and extraordinary features of what our Detroit based company has to offer. Here are a few ways a Metro Detroit Party Bus Limo Rental can spice up your next big event: Read More

4 Events A Detroit Limo Service Is Perfect For This Holiday Season

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The seasons seem to be changing faster than we can adjust to them. In no time at all, the weather has turned from hot and sunny to brisk and cloudy. Snow is on its way and winter events will be popping up all over Detroit. Traveling across town to these events will be more dangerous once there is a layer of ice on the ground, not to mention, these events are ones you may want to dress up for. So why not consider hiring a Detroit limo service to tote you and your date around town for these upcoming events?

  1. Mozart & Beethoven Series.

This December, you will want to get away from the ice and cold, and escape through magical melodies and tight orchestration. Look no further than the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and their event celebrating the works of Mozart & Beethoven on December 7th. The strings will be singing, the horns will be blasting and the harmonies will be incredible, so you won’t want to miss one note. This is one of those events that calls for dressy attire, and with a Detroit limo service acting as your transportation, you won’t have to trudge through snow and ice in heels and nice clothing.

  1. Jersey Boys.

One of the most critically acclaimed musicals in history is making a stop in Detroit between November and December. All of the Four Season’s hits are showcased in this wonderful adaptation of their real rags-to-riches story. You’ll be instantly glued to the story and won’t be able to help yourself from getting up and singing along to the music. This show sells out wherever it goes, so you would be wise to go check it out while it’s in Detroit. Hire a limo service to skip the parking and the crowds, and enjoy the show even more.

  1. The Nutcracker.

A quintessential part of the holiday season is the Nutcracker ballet being put up at the start of December. Watch the extremely talented dancers take to the stage and tell the age old tale of a young girl receiving a Christmas present and being magically whisked to the Nutcracker’s world on an adventure. After one viewing, this Christmas tradition is one that you and your date will surely want to add to your calendar year after year. Hire a Detroit limo to make it that much more special.

  1. New Year’s Eve.

After twelve long months of birthdays, weekends, weddings and passings, the 31st of December is a time to reflect on the things we care about most. What better way to take in the festivities than with the Detroit Symphony once again, who will be helping you and your loved one ring in the new year in style. Having a symphonic backdrop to the last day of 2015 will surely be a delight that you won’t soon forget.

These events are perfect occasions to hire a Detroit limo service, so book yours in advance to beat the rush and make your year more special.

4 Reasons To Hire A Limo In Metro Detroit For Special Occasions

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Whether you’re heading to the opera, a concert, or a sporting game, the burden of getting to and from the event is always present. Instead of worrying about taking your car to the venue, why not hire a Detroit limo service to drive you back and forth? Here are 4 reasons why a limo service is your best option:

  1. Travel In Style.

When you choose a Detroit limo service for your date night, you are instantly making your evening that much classier. Having a limo pick you up from your home to bring your special someone to a show is a wonderful experience. Hiring a limo changes how your night is framed in your date’s head. They may have originally been thinking of a simple concert outing. When the limo pulls up, both of your nights become instantly better. Take the scenic route to the show, enjoy the sights, and arrive in ultimate style.

  1. Never Worry About Parking.

The one thing people complain about the most when they’re planning to attend a show at a large venue is parking. Planning your trip downtown always involves where to park, how much time to prepare ahead of time, and making sure to have enough warm layers for the walk back. These are things you don’t have to worry about when you decide to use a Detroit limo service. The limo will pick you up from your home and drop you off right at the front entrance whenever you want to be at your event.

  1. Get Safely From Point A To Point B.

A celebratory glass of champagne, a few beers at a concert, or even a bottle of wine at the opera are all things people love to share with their loved ones on a special evening. But as we know, the trek home can not only be a little blurry, but extremely dangerous. The most important thing to do before drinking at an event is to plan a safe ride home. Hiring a Detroit limo service is a great way to ensure you and everyone else will arrive home safely without also compromising the safety of other drivers.

  1. Give A Great First Impression.

Whether you’re out for the first time with that special someone, taking out a group of professional clients, or just want to make an entrance at your next event, hiring a Detroit limo service will surely do the trick. A limo picking you and your date, friends, or colleagues up gives a distinct impression of the wonderful evening ahead. Not to mention, arriving at an event in a limousine is sure to turn heads at the door. Hire a Detroit limo service to make a great first impression no matter who you’re sharing it with or what type of event you’re going to.

Limousines are perfect for turning a regular night into a classy one, while keeping you and your passengers safe. Be sure to hire a Detroit limo service for safe and luxurious transportation to your next event.